In metal screening, the role of the return material tray

In metal screening, the role of the return material tray

Environmental protection has become a topic of increasing importance to the world, such as metal recycling can protect mineral resources. So what are the precautions for screening in metal recycling?

Recently Eversun has received many screening projects on metal recycling, such as short iron balls, small coins and small accessories made by recycling metal, and manufacturers use our machines to free their hands and increase productivity.

The biggest feature of Eversun’s metal screening vibrating screen is the addition of a return material tray

The return material tray is installed at the lower part of the upper screen mesh. The material passes through the upper screen, and then enters the lower screen from the center of the screen surface of the rotary vibrating screen, which can effectively ensure that the material falls into each layer of the screen. The drop of the center of the screen not only ensures the residence time of the material in the rotary vibrating screen, but also ensures the accuracy of the screening

If you use a rotary vibrating screen without a return tray, because the metal has a high proportion, the material passing through the upper screen may fall directly to the edge of the lower screen, so that the material is discharged directly from the screen before being sieved. Exhaust from the outlet directly affects the screening accuracy of the rotary vibrating screen

In fact, this design is also suitable for other materials with high specific gravity.

The installation of the return material tray is also extremely simple, and customer satisfaction is high. On the road to solve the screening problem, Hedao Federation goes further and further, and every improvement we make is to serve our customers better.

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