Knowledge of rotary sieving machine maintenance

Knowledge of rotary sieving machine maintenance

1.Before the rotary sieving machine started:

(1) Check the coarse mesh and fine mesh for damage.
(2) Whether each set of ring is locked.

2.When the rotary sieving machine started:

(1) Pay attention to abnormal noise
(2) Whether the current is stable
(3) Is there any abnormality in vibration.

3.After using the rotary vibrating screen: clean up after each use.

Eversun Machinery Tips: Rotary Vibrating Screen Regular Maintenance: Rotary vibrating screen regularly checks the coarse mesh, fine mesh and springs for fatigue and damage, and whether parts of the fuselage are damaged due to vibration. Lubricate the parts that need to be added.

Rotary sieving machine maintenance

First, the rotary sieving machine needs to regularly check the surface of the screen for damage, and if there is damage, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid causing unqualified product screening.

Second, the rotary vibrating screen should check whether the spring parts are loose. If they are loose, they need to be tightened with a wrench to achieve a better screening effect.

Third,Check the V-ring of the screen frame of the rotary vibrating screen for damage. If there is any damage, repair it in time to prevent material leakage.

Fourth,Check the motor of the rotary vibrating screen and fill the butter regularly from the grease nipple.

Rotary sieving machine daily maintenance knowledge

Rotary sieving machine blockage reason: In normal operation, due to the various characteristics of the material, the shape of the screen will be blocked. The reasons for the blockage are as follows:

  1. Contains a large number of particles close to the separation point;
  2. The material has a high water content;
  3. Spherical particles or materials with multiple contact points to sieve holes;
  4. Static electricity will occur;
  5. Materials with fibrous materials;
  6.  more flake particles;
  7. The woven screen wire is thick;
  8. Thicker screens, such as rubber screens, have unreasonable hole designs and do not reach the upper and lower dimensions, which can cause particles to become stuck. Because most of the material particles to be sieved are irregular, there are various reasons for clogging.

Solution: In order to effectively prevent the screen of the sieving machine from being blocked, measures should be taken according to the reasons for the blockage of the above screen holes:

  1. When the particle size of the material is fine, the content of mud is large, and the sieving particle size is small, the blockage of the water on the screen will play a decisive role.
  2. When the moisture in the material is greater than 5%, if the material is dried unconditionally, the sieve surface and the sieve hole should be targeted.
  3. When the moisture is greater than 8%, wet screening should be used.
  4. For materials with more flaky particles, it is necessary to change the crushing method of the materials and the particle size matching of different crushing methods.

Reasonably adjusting the tension of the screen is an effective method to reduce the blocking of the screen. The reasonable tension makes the screen and the supporting beam generate a slight secondary vibration, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of hole blocking. The specific method is, The tension hook is made into a constant force tensioning mechanism, that is, a spring is installed on the tension bolt.

The importance of safe operation As a non-standard equipment, for most users of vibration equipment, the vibration screen may not be considered as a major equipment in the equipment owned by the user; The reason is that the vibration equipment itself is a product that makes scientific use of the vibration destructive force. For traditional machinery, the vibration of equipment means the occurrence of failure, and the vibration equipment is just a product that accomplishes the work purpose and requirements of people through vibration. Although the vibration industry is dedicated to the design and research of the anti-destructive optimization structure of the vibration equipment itself, the failure of the vibration equipment still occurs frequently. Moreover, the vibrating screen is often arranged in the throat of the user’s production process. Once the vibrating screen fails, it will cause the entire production system to be stopped in tandem, which will cause significant production losses to the user. As for mining, coal, and metallurgical enterprises, if they suddenly stop and repair for one day, the loss of direct production benefits ranges from tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan. To avoid this kind of phenomenon, the user can only grasp the operating status of the vibrating screen at any time, and timely find out hidden dangers and make maintenance arrangements in advance.

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