New vibro sifter machine for plastic screening

New vibro sifter machine for plastic screening

Plastics are ubiquitous in our lives, and as the consumption of plastic products continues to increase, waste plastics are also increasing. In 2015 alone, the global production of plastic products exceeded 300 million tons. It is predicted that plastic production will continue to grow in the next 20 years. Will double and triple by 2050, reaching 318 million tons. But at present, the recycling rate of plastic waste is extremely low around the world. Only 10% of the 7 billion tons of plastic waste is recycled. 3,400 plastic bottles are discarded every second and 8 million tons flow into the ocean every year. Improving plastic recycling has become a global hot spot.

Eversun’s vibrating screen can effectively remove pollutants in the dust removal process of plastic particles. It is an innovative vibrating screen. The rotary vibrating screen is excited by a vertical vibrating motor. The upper and lower ends of the motor are installed with eccentricity. The heavy hammer converts the rotating motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transmits this motion to the screen surface. Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower ends of the motor can change the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface. This vibrating screen is suitable for:

  1. Classification: can continuously and accurately separate and screen the products. The multi-layer use can separate and screen six groups of products with different particle sizes at one time without particle size ratio. The phenomenon of inconsistency is mostly suitable for the screening of dry materials.
  2. Liquid removal: This equipment is used in single layers and multiple layers, which can effectively process solid and liquid mixtures. Realize solid-liquid separation quickly, and filter out different target materials.
  3. Removal of impurities: This equipment can remove a large number of materials, remove small parts of different sizes, and carry out rapid separation

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