Double the output of corn starch with tumbler screener

Double the output of corn starch with tumbler screener

Corn starch is a product of corn deep processing. It is used as an additive in various industries in many industries. The output requirements of corn starch production lines are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the current production line of corn starch is beginning to use tumbler screener. Replace the original circular vibrating screen equipment. This kind of tumbler screener is mainly used to meet the requirements of material screening with large output and high screening accuracy.

The output of the corn starch tumbler screener has doubled because this sifter has three different cleaning devices. When the material is sieved on the screen surface, the appropriate cleaning method can be selected according to the material situation: bouncing ball cleaning: conform to food grade The rubber and silica gel balls bounce on the perforated plate under the screen and bounce on the metal mesh to reduce mesh blockage. This system is simple to use, convenient to maintain, and suitable for most granular materials; ultrasonic system cleaning: high-frequency ultrasonic waves are transmitted to the screen, which not only cleans the screen, but also significantly improves the production capacity. It is suitable for most fine, large-volume, and difficult-to-screen materials.

Tumbler screener is different from ordinary vibrating screen. The power source of this kind of powder sieving machine is that ordinary motor drives the belt pulley material to make a movement similar to manual screening on the screen surface, so that the material forms horizontal and throwing three-dimensional rolling motion on the screen. The outer edge is evenly dispersed on the entire screen surface, so as to propagate in the axial direction with a spiral motion. Adjusting the meridian and tangential angles on the pendulum body can change the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface.

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