Ultrasonic sieving machine is used to screen magnesium oxide

 Ultrasonic sieving machine is used to screen magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide is a chemical powder with a very wide range of applications. Different industries have different requirements for the particle size of magnesium oxide. The common particle size needs to be less than 120 mesh, and some users require the particle size of magnesium oxide to be less than 150 mesh, which results in a magnesium oxide sieve. There are certain requirements for vibrating screen equipment.

When the ordinary vibrating screen is processing magnesium oxide materials, the screening speed is very slow and it is prone to blockage. Because the material is already very fine when smashing the magnesium oxide, it is close to 150 meshes. Therefore,EVERSUN manufacturers have added a set of ultrasonic generators on the basis of ordinary vibrating screens.

Ultrasonic sieving machine refers to the addition of an ultrasonic generating device on the basis of an ordinary vibrating screen. This device is composed of an ultrasonic power box and an ultrasonic transducer. This high-frequency vibration acts on the screen frame, and the material is the screen surface is not only subjected to the exciting force transmitted by the vibration motor of 1,400 times/min, but also the super strong vibration force of 36,000 times/min transmitted by the ultrasonic device. Therefore, the material is always in a state of vibration on the screen surface, and is not tightly attached to the screen surface, so it will not cause blockage.

The use of ultrasonic sieving machine to screen magnesium oxide can not only greatly improve the screening accuracy, but also high-frequency vibration rejects the occurrence of material blocking, and the screening output has also been greatly improved.

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