Plastic Media Abrasives Sieve

Plastic Media Abrasives Sieve

Plastic blasting media is a versatile abrasive media that can be used in a variety of applications. It is a lightweight, angular-shaped media most commonly used in the removal of paint or other coatings without harm to delicate substrates such as aluminum or composites.

Plastic media is created from either recycled plastic products or resin. The most common plastic media types are polyester (type I), urea (type II), melamine (type III), or acrylic (type V). Each type has a different hardness to meet the application need.

These media often need to use a screening machine to remove impurities in production, and Eversun’s Vibrating screen has great advantages in this regard:

  1. The vibration force can be adjusted, and the vibration frequency can be adjusted according to the needs
  2. The discharge port is equipped with a gate, and the screening time can be adjusted according to the needs to make the screening more accurate
  3. There is a dust cover to avoid scattering of materials and make the workshop safe and hygienic
  4. Easy to replace the screen, multiple screening meshes in one machine
  5. The machine is complete and easy to operate, just connect the power supply to use
  6. Support customization, we have a wealth of customization experience, and can customize your own machine according to your needs
  7. With anti-static and explosion-proof device


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