Knowledge of Screen Mesh for Sieving machine

Knowledge of Screen Mesh for Sieving machine

The sieving of materials is controlled by the screen mesh size on the sieving machine, so the selection of screen mesh is the main factor to improve the efficiency of the vibrating sieving machine.

(Ultrasonic Screen Mesh)

A. Conversion of vibrating sieve mesh size to sieve hole size on the screen: The theory of Tyler standard screen scale is based on 200 mesh sieve size with 0.074mm sieve hole size. So for 100 mesh size, the sieve hole size is 200 * 0.074mm ÷ 100 = 0.148mm And for 325 mesh size, the size hole size is 200 * 0.074mm ÷ 325 = 0.045mm

B. The sieve aperture is the size of the sieve openings of a standard sieve, and the wire diameter of the sieve refers to the diameter of the braided wire

C. The number of sieve meshes is the number of sieve holes in a length of 2.54 cm (1 inch), and is simply referred to as the mesh. For example: 50 mesh means that there are 50 sieve holes within 1 inch, and 500 mesh is 500. The higher the number of meshes, the more sieve holes. In addition to indicating the sieve holes of the screen, it is also used to indicate the particle size of the particles that can pass through the screen. The higher the number of meshes, the smaller the particle size.

D. If the customer has strict requirements on the mesh and sieve hole size of the screen and their own standards, we must ask the customer to provide the sieve hole size while providing the mesh size. Because different mesh numbers can correspond to the same sieve hole size.

In a word, before choosing the suitable sieving machine, it’s very important to have one detailed communication with the supplier to avoid any misunderstanding. And one good manufactuer will always give the best design for the needs of clients.

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