How to separate glutinous rice flour with tumbler screener

How to separate glutinous rice flour with tumbler screener

Glutinous Rice Flour is ground from long-grain or short-grain sweet white rice and is also called Sweet Rice Flour. Sweet rice grains are typically solid white.How to separate Glutinous Rice Flour with tumbler screener

Different types of glutinous rice flour can be screened using different sieving machine.Customers of sieving glutinous rice flour are the largest rice flour manufacturer in Asia. Because customers were screened manually before, it was not only labor-intensive, but also time-consuming, which was particularly troublesome. Later, the customer learned about EVERSUN machinery through friends, and the customer expressed their requirements to the EVERSUN engineers. The meshes they requested were 100 meshes and the capacity was 2.5 tons per hour. The EVERSUN engineers accurately calculated the capacity according to the customer’s requirements, and finally recommended tumbler screener for a diameter of 1800mm with ultrasonic system.

The tumbler screener is a basic rotary motion transmitted by an ordinary motor, which is similar to manual screening, so that the material forms a horizontal and throwing three-dimensional tumbling motion on the screen. It is evenly dispersed on the entire screen surface from the center to the outer edge, thereby moving in a spiral motion. Axial propagation, adjusting the meridional angle and tangential angle on the pendulum body can change the movement trajectory of the material on the mesh surface.

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