What machine is used for sieving food additives

What machine is used for sieving food additives

Nowadays, food additives are very common in our affairs, which greatly promotes the development of the food industry, and is known as the soul of the modern food industry. Food additives can prevent food deterioration, improve food sensory properties, maintain and improve nutritional value, increase variety and convenience, and meet the special requirements of consumers. In actual production, food additives often need to go through a screening process to ensure quality.

Most food additives can be screened with Eversun’s Vibrating screen. The material enters the upper layer of the machine, and the material is sieved into different particles through a special screen. Our Vibro screening has the following characteristics and is popular with customers:

  1. Support customization, you can customize the machine according to your output and mesh requirements
  2. The screen can be replaced, one machine can screen different materials
  3. It can be added to the production line, and can be used in connection with mixers, packaging machines, etc.
  4. The material can be discharged automatically, without blocking the net and blocking the material
  5. Add a valve to the discharge port to control the discharge speed
  6. CE and ISO standard production, safe and reliable

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