Key points for selection of rotary vibrating screen

Key points for selection of rotary vibrating screen

The size of the venue:the rotary vibrating screen is a round screen. The size of the screen on the screen surface affects the screening output. The screening area is increased to improve the screening efficiency and output. Therefore, the size of the venue is also one of the keys to the vibration screening type.

Material characteristics:material characteristics;fluidity and material shape and size.

Material:Due to the different screening materials, the material of the rotary vibrating screen is also different,for example: food, salt, sugar and other food-related industries, choose 304 stainless steel in the material of the whole machine.Because, first, the hardness and thickness of the 304 material are good, and the wear resistance is good, and the stainless steel after polishing is bright as a mirror, and the surface is clean and hygienic, easy to maintain and maintain, and does not affect the quality of the material after screening.If the material is chemical, metallurgy and other raw materials, you can choose Q235 material. First, the cost is lower than stainless steel, and second, it does not affect the use.

Rotary vibrating screen can be divided into stainless steel and carbon steel.

The shape and size of the rotary vibrating screen are different, generally according to the actual application and site conditions, under special circumstances can also be designed according to the site and its own requirements to meet customer requirements.

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