Machine for Soy protein isolate

Machine for Soy protein isolate

Soy protein isolate is extracted from soybeans through a series of processing steps, and then obtain a near-purified protein. Soy protein isolate contains eight essential amino acids, similar with meat, fish, eggs, milk, belonging to the full price of protein. Research shows that protein is the material basis of life and is one of the three major components of human body. The lack of protein can directly lead to growth retardation, low immunity, loose skin and premature aging. In the many plant-based proteins, the most nutritious is legume protein (also known as soy protein), and legumes contain no cholesterol, which the characteristic of animal foods don’t have. Soy protein has its drawbacks without any processing: the content of methionine (an essential amino acid) is relatively low. Therefore, whole soybeans have an amino acid score of approximately 0.6-0.7. However, due to the high protein content of soybeans and the absence of cholesterol, soy protein flour is widely used.

The process of Soy protein include: Leaching process, acid precipitation separation process, the neutralization process, flash evaporation process and drying process, the dried soy protein powder need to carry out the final impurity removal, it can be packaged after sieving pine.

And screening and impurity removal process is to play a protective role, remove the impurities, caking from the soy protein powder, but also has the role of loose materials to ensure the purity of semi-finished soy protein powder raw materials

Eversun vibrating screen have high efficent for Soy protein powder sieving, here are the features:

  1. All food grade stainless steel, surface polishing.No dead angles hidden powder
  2. Quick Clamp,Easy handle, make screening changing more easier
  3. Enhance screening, accurate screening, long using life
  4. Food grade silicone material, the sealing performance is good, no dust is flying
  5. Manual discharge gate. Manually control the sieving time according to the demand to make the sieving more accurate
  6. Universal wheel, Movable, fixed, adjustable height
  7. Machine can be customized according to your demand.

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