The determinants of the price of vacuum feeder

 The determinants of the price of vacuum feeder

The vacuum feeder has the advantages of good sealing effect, high conveying efficiency, and small space occupation. It is widely used in the conveying of powder and granular materials and is deeply loved by users. However, for those who have not used a vacuum feeder Friends are also very interested in its price. Let’s discuss the main factors that determine the price and the approximate price.

1.Model: The name and specific gravity of the conveyed materials are different, the size of the conveying volume, the conveying distance and the lifting height are different, all related to the selection of the vacuum feeder, and the price is different for different models.

2.Quality: The quality of a product is directly determined by different materials, different sealing properties, and different filtering accuracy. We generally choose 304 stainless steel as the material; the quality of the sealing performance will determine the size of the delivery; the difference in filtration accuracy will determine whether the filter element will be easily blocked, and it will also affect the size of the delivery,and it decides how long to replace the filter element.

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