How to sieve starch slurry

How to sieve starch slurry

Slurry-is a mixture of starch (usually corn starch, flour, potato starch or arrowroot) and cold water, which are mixed together and used to thicken soups or seasonings. If only starch is directly added to the hot liquid, the starch granules cannot be easily dispersed and form agglomerates.So how to sieve starch slurry?

One of our customers requested to sieve starch slurry, the mesh number is 250mesh, and the output requires 2.5 tons per hour. After understanding the customer’s requirements, EVERSUN engineer learned that screening equipment was also used before, and the customer just wanted to change the output requirements. After calculating the output according to the EVERSUN engineer, we recommend a high-frequency screen with a diameter of 1200mm to the customer.

EVERSUN sieving machine and high frequency vibro sifter can be used to screen liquid. Usually different types of liquids and output use different vibrating screens, all of which depend on customer requirements.

High frequency vibro sifter is a very important screening equipment, used to classify and screen different sizes of raw materials. High-frequency vibro sifter are most commonly used in the mineral processing industry, and can effectively separate solid ore and crushed ore. This type of vibrating screen consists of an exciter, a screen frame, a slurry distributor, a suspension spring, a screen and a rack. The screen generates strong vibration through its electromagnetic vibrator and is directly applied to the screen. The electromagnetic vibrator is installed on the top of the screen and connected to the screening surface.

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