Features and working principle of double cone mixer

 Features and working principle of double cone mixer

The double cone mixer is mainly used for the uniform mixing of powder and granular materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, and food industries.

The double cone mixer is mainly composed of a mixing barrel, a frame, a transmission system, an electrical system, etc. It uses two asymmetric barrels and adopts gravity mixing. The materials are continuously gathered and dispersed in the barrel, generally passing through It takes about 10-30 minutes to mix, so that two or more powder and granular materials are fully mixed evenly. It is suitable for mixing two or more materials with a large disparity in specific gravity. The mixer is equipped with a set of stirring shafts in the mixing machine. During the process, the agglomeration shaft has the function of breaking, and the mixing uniformity is more than 99%.The inner and outer walls of the mixing barrel are precisely polished, and the surface is smooth and flat.During the working process of the transmission system, there is no jitter, no noise, convenient maintenance, sensitive electrical control, stainless steel butterfly valve discharge, no leakage, no dust.The double cone mixer has a beautiful appearance and a wide range of uses. It is an ideal equipment for mixing materials.

The double cone mixer transfers powder or granular materials into the double-cone container by vacuum conveying or manual feeding. As the capacity is broken, the material undergoes complex impact movement in the container to achieve uniform mixing.

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