Fire extinguishing agent dry powder vibrating screen

Fire extinguishing agent dry powder vibrating screen

Dry powder fire extinguishing agents are mostly installed in fire extinguishers, and are mainly used to extinguish various non-water-soluble and water-soluble combustible flammable liquid fires, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas and other combustible gas fires or general electric equipment fires. Phosphate dry powder fire extinguishing agents can also extinguish solid fires. The combination of phosphate dry powder and fluoroprotein foam or clean water foam can effectively extinguish fires in water-insoluble liquids.
The dry powder of the fire extinguishing agent has high fineness and high requirements for the uniformity of powder particles. Therefore, when screening, attention should be paid to the accuracy of screening and the protection of the working environment during screening. The finer the material, the lighter the specific gravity, the more likely it is to cause dust to fly. In summary, the dry powder of the fire extinguishing agent sieve should with a high tightness and fineness of the fire extinguishing agent dry powder vibrating screen.

Eversun’s fire extinguishing agent dry powder vibrating screen is a high-precision fine powder screening machine. The working principle is use the vertical motor as the excitation source. The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with eccentric weights to convert the rotating motion of the motor to horizontal. , Vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transfer this motion to the screen surface.
The characteristics of the fire extinguishing agent dry powder vibrating screen:
1.It can be used with an ultrasonic system, with high efficiency, exquisite and durable design.
2.Easy to change the screen, easy to operate and easy to clean.
3.The dustproof cover and the good sealing of the machine design make the powder not fly, which is more environmentally friendly and safer
4.Impurities and coarse materials are automatically discharged and continuous operation is possible.
5. Unique grid design, finer and more efficient screening



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