How to deal with the phenomenon of slurry running on the rotary vibrating screen?

How to deal with the phenomenon of slurry running on the rotary vibrating screen?

The effect of the rotary vibrating screen in the screening of the slurry material is still relatively good, and it is inevitable that some slurry running will occur after long-term use.So how to deal with “the phenomenon of slurry running in the rotary vibrating screen?”

Unreasonable screen mesh

The processing capacity of each rotary vibrating screen is 50L/s. This is because the conditions of the processing capacity test are in accordance with the national standard:A 60-mesh screen is selected to test the weighted mud with a specific gravity of 1.8. The viscosity of the mud is that the mud contains river sand of different sizes.Due to the rapid drilling of the surface layer, a large amount of solid phase is generated to occupy the effective screen area, so the rotary vibrating screen cannot use fine screens in shallow wells.Therefore, a larger hole screen should be used at the beginning of drilling, and as the drilling depth increases, finer screens should be gradually adopted.

Formation and mud conditions affect processing capacity

Since the drugs added in the drilling fluid are not fully dissolved and paste on the screen, serious slurry run-out will occur at this time.You should wait until the drug is fully dissolved before use, or use a larger mesh screen.On the other hand, when drilling into a loose sand-bearing layer or quicksand layer, sand particles are likely to get stuck in the screen holes, causing screen blocking.Therefore, it is necessary to test several screens with different meshes to reduce the blocking phenomenon.

Is the rotation of the motor correct?

First, remove the vibrator shield and check whether the eccentric blocks of the two motors rotate outward.Secondly, if the steering is wrong, please exchange any two phase wires in the incoming power supply of the electric control box.The first error method (two motors rotate towards the inside), although the drill cuttings can also be removed outwards, but the speed is slow; the second error method (two motors rotate in the same direction), the vibration force is very small, and basically does not discharge sand or mud .

Amplitude of rotary vibrating screen

The larger the vibration amplitude, the larger the general processing capacity; the vibration force is adjusted to 90% when leaving the factory.If there is a slurry running situation, you can align the inner and outer eccentric block angles, and the vibration force is 100%.

Is the distribution of liquid flow on the screen frame reasonable?

With a rotary vibrating screen with a hook-side screen structure, the screen surface on both sides is lower than the middle, and the mud is easy to flow to both sides and lose. It should be ensured that the mud enters the screen frame from the middle.At this time, two solutions can be adopted.

  1. Adjust the front spring seat to properly raise the angle of the front of the screen box.
  2. Adjust the position of the turning plate of the extension tank to control the distribution of liquid flow.

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