Different types of vibrating screens are used to screen quartz sand

Different types of vibrating screens are used to screen quartz sand

Quartz sand is a common building material, used in glass products and a variety of other industries, different uses of quartz sand, quartz sand particle size requirements are not the same, so the selected vibrating screen screening equipment is also different.

Quartz sand often selected meshes of 7 mesh, 14 mesh, 28 mesh, 36 mesh, 40 mesh, 70 mesh, 90 mesh, 120 mesh, 150 mesh and many other specifications. As quartz sand meets different customer needs, quartz sand manufacturers are required to extract materials in different size ranges. That is to say, the quality of impurities is less, and the screening accuracy of the vibrating screen is higher. Therefore, the material grade of the quartz sand is different, and the vibrating screen model is different.

Generally, the precision of high-quality quartz sand products is as high as 95% or more, so it is necessary to use equipment with higher screening precision, such as vibro sifter machine, tumbler screener and other materials on the running track of the screen. If the production line has very high requirements for the processing of quartz sand, it is necessary to use equipment such as tumbler screener and gyratory vibrating screen. Secondary quartz sand does not require particularly high precision for quartz sand, but the production requirements for quartz sand are relatively high. Generally, there are more choices of linear vibrating screen equipment.

Therefore, the advantages of different vibrating screens are different. For the processing of quartz sand materials, the requirements are different, and the models of the vibrating screen are different.

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