Centrifugal sifter installation and debuging steps

 Centrifugal sifter installation and debuging steps

Centrifugal sifter is an airflow sieving equipment specially designed for fine powder sieving. It can screen and classify materials below 500 mesh. So how to install and debug?

Installation:The screen of the centrifugal sifter should be installed correctly. The screen of the equipment is installed in a cylindrical shape, and the upper and lower ends of the screen are fixed by wire ropes.The joints of the screens are bonded with adhesive. When fixing the wire ropes at both ends, it is necessary to adjust the screen while tightening, so that the screen is not twisted, pleated, and evenly tensioned.The centrifugal sifter produced by EVERSUN Machinery is generally installed at the factory when the screen is fully installed.The centrifugal sifter should be fixed on a special foundation and fixed by embedded bolts; if your company does not lay a special foundation, anti-vibration rubber plates should be laid between the workbench and the equipment base.Before use, the centrifugal sifter must be equipped with a safe and reliable grounding protection wire.When the centrifugal sifter machine is transported, the base and the screen body are fastened together by four M12 bolts, so special attention needs to be paid. After the centrifugal sifter machine is installed in place, all the bolts must be removed.

Debuging:The rotation of the wind wheel of the centrifugal sifter host is counterclockwise. The steering of the centrifugal sifter host, induced draft fan, and discharge twister should all be in the direction marked by the arrow.After confirming that each machine is turned correctly (marked by the steering arrow), the induced draft fan should be started first.After about a few seconds, then start the centrifugal sifter to check Check for air leakage (including internal air leakage) and abnormal sounds at all parts of the connection (if any air leakage or abnormal sounds should be shut down quickly for inspection and treatment).After the equipment is operating normally, wrap the outlet of the twisted dragon in a cloth bag, and manually add a little material to the feeding port of the host, (based on 50-100 kg, the feeding time is about 2-5 minutes),then gradually increase the amount of feed. The feeding should be uniform and continuous. After the material is fed in, it should be stopped and checked. After all the equipment is stopped, the inspection can be opened to observe the material passing through the net, whether it is sticking to the net, or the amount of powder in the slag.If everything is normal, close the inspection door and formally start the screening system. The feeding amount is from small to large, and the maximum is not more than 30 kg/min.The dust collecting bag of the bag dust collector shakes in time, generally flapping or shaking once every hour.

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