Round separator for pollen sieving

Round separator for pollen sieving

Different types of pollen use different round separator. Customers in the pollen manufacturing industry learned about EVERSUN vibrating screens at the exhibition, because they had been using manual screening before, the effect was not very good, and it was time-consuming,so he felt very distressed. Therefore, the pollen manufacturer contacted the EVERSUN engineer,after the engineer carefully calculating the output, the EVERSUN engineer finally recommended a diameter 1200mm of circular vibrating screen with an ultrasonic system.

Customers who want to obtain pollen from hemp flowers need to place hemp flowers on the top layer, let it be sieved for certain time, then discharge it fast.when marijuana flowers are being sieved on sieve surface, flowers running clockwise on sieve surface, when finish sieving, you just shit motor running direction to anticlockwise, flowers would be discharged from side outlet fast.

The production of pollen has a certain workflow, from collecting raw pollen to drying it, then selecting impurities, sieving, and then completing the disinfection, then undergoing wall breaking, mixing auxiliary materials, pressing and secondary drying. The last step is to separate the pollen. Although there are many steps, none of them are indispensable. This production process requires the use of a standard round separator vibrating screen for pollen screening.

The excitation source of the pollen vibrating screen is a vertical motor. The eccentric weights are installed on the upper and lower ends of the motor, so that the motor that was originally rotating is changed to a horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then this motion acts on Material on the screen. As long as the phase angle is changed at the upper and lower ends of the motor, the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface can be changed accordingly.

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