Ultrasonic vibrating sieving machine for screening lithium battery materials

Ultrasonic vibrating sieving machine for screening lithium battery materials

Ultraosoinc vibrating sieving machine of Eversun Machinery are one very efficient screening equipment for lithium battery materials. Commonly used battery cathode materials for lithium batteries are lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, etc. Among them, lithium cobalt oxide is the earliest battery cathode material.

(SS304 Ultrasonic sieivng machine of Eversun Machinery)

Factors that affect the service life of lithium cobalt oxide batteries, in addition to charge and discharge when later using,it should be also paid attention to lithium cobalt oxide screening process. Lithium cobalt oxide has become a headache for many battery cathode material manufacturers because of its light weight, easy clumping, and easy to block the sieve. In response to this problem, Eversun Machinery has specially developed an ultrasonic vibrating sieving machine for screening lithium  cathode materials.

(Ultrasoic generator of ultrasonic sieving machine)

The principle of the ultrasonic vibrating sieving machine is to convert 220V, 50HZ or 110V, 60HZ electric energy into 36KHZ high-frequency electric energy. This high-frequency energy is input into the ultrasonic sieve cleaning transducer through the ultrasonic power supply, then the transducer turn it into 36KHZ high-frequency mechanical vibration. During sieving process, the lithium cobalt oxide cathode material receives huge ultrasonic acceleration, thereby suppressing the sieve blocking factors such as adhesion, friction, flattening, and wedge penetration, and improves the screening efficiency and sieve cleaning efficiency.

Since the improvement of sieving efficiency and sieve cleaning efficiency has been achieved, the screening of lithium cobalt oxide cathode material becomes an easy thing. It truly solves the sieving problems of strong adsorption, easy to hold, high static electricity, high precision, high density and light specific gravity.

With the development of lithium cobalt oxide cathode materials in the future, the lithium cobalt oxide screening process will be paid more and more attention, so the ultrasonic vibrating sieving machine produced by Eversun Machinery will play an irreplaceable role.

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