Ultrasonic vibrating screen for garlic powder classification

 Ultrasonic sieving machine for garlic powder classification

Garlic powder is a common dehydrated vegetable powder particle in the fast-developing new era, and its application has also developed rapidly in recent years. However, the classification of garlic powder has become an important part of the process of garlic powder production and sale. Of course, EVERSUN vibrating screen manufacturers are no strangers to dealing with this problem. Ultrasonic sieving machine can easily solve this problem.

Garlic powder itself has a certain viscosity, so it is difficult to sieving easily with ordinary vibrating screens. Therefore, EVERSUN vibrating screen manufacturers recommend using vibrating screen equipment with an ultrasonic system.

The garlic powder ultrasonic sieving machine only adds an ultrasonic generating device to the most difficult layer to screen, and the other layer is still cleaned by ordinary bouncing ball cleaning devices. The working principle of adding an ultrasonic generator is to use the ultrasonic generator to convert ordinary electric energy into high-frequency, low-amplitude electric energy. Make the ultrasonic transducer continuously hit the screen during the motor startup process to prevent garlic powder from clogging the screen and complete the entire screening process.

The garlic powder screening machine with ultrasonic system can not only prevent garlic powder from clogging the screen during the screening process, but also greatly improve the production efficiency of garlic powder, which is very popular with customers.

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