How to use a rocking sieve to process granular food?

 How to use a rocking sieve to process granular food?

Granular foods are often encountered in our lives. Rocking sieve can be said to have a unique technique when processing such foods. Why do you say that?The rocking sieve can provide high-frequency vibration, through which the screening and particle classification of materials can be achieved.Therefore, it is widely used in many fields.Granular foods in daily life are not uncommon, such as flour, starch, salt, milk powder, rice, grains, etc.

These foods need to be screened before being packaged and put on the market,  and they all need certain protective measures.

The rocking sieve has good sealing performance,fully enclosed dust does not fly,high screening efficiency and high precision.

Convenient disassembly and assembly, easy to clean, no sanitary corners, in line with the requirements of food-grade GMP specifications, and the discharge port can be adjusted at 360 degrees.

Convenient and easy to connect with the site, specially designed multiple screen cleaning devices, so that the screen has a high penetration rate, fast discharge, high output, and a new grid structure;The rocking sieve has a long service life, the mesh does not change, and it only takes 3-5 minutes to change the screen. The parts have no dead ends, easy to clean and disinfect thoroughly, low energy consumption, quick start-up, low noise, no foundation installation,and it can be placed in any desired position.The rocking sieve solves the problem of flying particles and powdery materials during the screening process by sealing.Since the material of the filter screen is high-end stainless steel, it can screen food without causing food pollution, so manufacturers can use it with confidence.

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