Big bags discharger realizes uniform feeding and solves material blockage

Big bags discharger realizes uniform feeding and solves material blockage

The application of granule big bags discharger is more and more extensive. It is composed of two equipments, big bag unloader and pipe chain feeder. This equipment is well received by the industry for its function of dust-free bag removal and conveying. It greatly improves the company’s automated production schedule, improves production efficiency, and brings considerable benefits to the industry’s daily production.

When the general granular big bags discharger is in use, the blanking process cannot guarantee complete uniformity. Some bulk materials with larger particles are prone to squeeze and blockage during discharge. Because when the particulate material falls in a uniform manner, the tube chain conveyor can stably transport the falling material out. However, when the material suddenly increases and falls, because of its large particles, it is easy to block at the inlet of the tube chain conveyor, or when the particles fall into the loop of the tube chain conveyor, it is also squeezed by the sharp increase of large particles. Press into the space between the disc and the inner wall of the ring tube, causing the chain to squeeze. In severe cases, the chain may break.

Therefore, EVERSUN Machinery has carried out a technical transformation on the granular big bags discharger. Through countless designs and experiments, a device that can ensure the uniform fall of the material is developed for the problem of uneven feeding-a double impeller material machine. The double-impeller material machine is installed at the discharge port of the ton bag unloader to ensure that the material falls uniformly. This device can effectively alleviate the uneven fall of the ton bag unloader. The use of this device makes The big bag unloader and the pipe chain feeder realize the perfect combination, and the phenomenon of squeezing and clogging will not occur when the material is unpacked, unloaded, and transported.

With this granular big bags discharger, the uniform feeding of large granular materials can be realized, and there is no need to worry about material clogging.

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