How to determine whether you can use vacuum conveyor?

How to determine whether you can use vacuum conveyor?

How to judge whether the material can be conveyed by vacuum conveyor?

Vacuum feeder is mainly used to convey powder and granular materials, such as API powder, chemical powder, metal oxide powder, medicinal powder, tablets, pills, small food particles, explosive particles, etc. , Sticky, overweight materials.

Not all materials can be vacuum-loaded to determine the transportability of the material. Eversun Machinery Automated Vacuum conveyor Factory teaches you to measure and analyze some characteristics of the materials. The characteristic parameters include: packing angle, packing density, particle factor, electrostatic constant, moisture sensitivity, explosion risk, toxicity and corrosivity.

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(1) Bulk density Bulk density refers to the weight per unit volume in the loose state of the material. Since the granule or powder contains material and air, the bulk density will change according to different stacking forms, so the bulk density in the actual state must be measured.

(2) Stacking angle When judging the transportability of a material, the fluidity of the material is one of the important parameters. It is usually expressed by the stacking angle, that is, the angle between the cone surface of the cone and the horizontal plane formed after the material is poured from a certain height to stand still. The smaller the angle is the mobility

The better, and vice versa. However, for some special materials, the accumulation angle does not accurately indicate the merits of fluidity.

(3) Particle factors The weight, size distribution, shape, and hardness of particles are the key factors that affect the fluidity of materials and the design of conveying systems.

(4) Moisture sensitivity All materials have moisture absorption characteristics. Moisture-sensitive materials can change fluidity due to moisture absorption and agglomeration, and even stick to the pipe wall or the surface of the filter. phenomenon.

(5) Explosion risk When fine particles and air are mixed to reach a critical concentration, once a spark occurs, an explosion may occur. There are three necessary conditions for dust explosion: oxygen, critical concentration, and spark. It is difficult to control the concentration of the material during transportation. The oxygen and sparks can be controlled. Inert gas is used to protect and isolate oxygen, and to prevent sparks by eliminating static electricity, the risk of explosion can be controlled.

(6) Toxicity Leakage of toxic powders will cause environmental pollution and personal injury. Reliable technology and equipment must be used to avoid them during transportation. Vacuum feeder is a safe choice because the pressure inside the conveying system is lower than the atmospheric pressure and there will be no leakage. In addition, the gas excluded from the transportation system must be reasonably harmless and discharged in compliance with the standards.

(7) Corrosion Some powders are very corrosive, so you need to choose the right material to make the vacuum feeder.

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