The comparison of centrifugal sifter, vibro sifter machine and linear vibrating screen

The comparison of centrifugal sifter, vibro sifter machine and linear vibrating screen

It is well known that the centrifugal sifter is divided into vertical centrifugal sifter and horizontal centrifugal sifter.Its working principle is based on the air as power ,designed for screening high precision material. It is characterized by high yield, no dust, good screening effect, small size, no noise, etc. It’s widely used in all kinds of high-precision powder materials due to its 95% ratio of sieve-passing .

The difference between the centrifugal sifter and other screen machines: the centrifugal sifter is a new screening equipment, which is mainly designed to screen high-precision powder materials. Due to its small size, stable operation, no noise, no dust, high efficiency, etc., it has been widely used in the powder  industry with high requirements for material screening.

The difference between centrifugal sifterand vibro sifter machine: Whether it is vertical vibro sifter machine or horizontal vibro sifter machine, its screening material is mainly for powder materials,and its screening efficiency can reach more than 95%, suitable for a wide range of fineness ,80-600 mesh powder materials can be screened. And thevibro sifter machine is used for materials widely,including chemical,food,metal metallurgy and waste water ,paper and other industries.Its screening efficiency is not as good as the air flow screening, but the impurities in the screening materials can be automatically discharged to achieve the effect of continuous operation. Moreover, the vibro sifter machine can be up to 5 layers, which facilitates the needs of different meshes of the same material

The difference between the centrifugal sifter and the linear vibrating screen: due to its small size and light weight, the centrifugal sifter can screen powder materials. The screen has high precision, no mixing phenomena,and changing sieve fast.But it also determines that it cannot screen materials with large particles.The linear vibrating screen are mainly used for mining coal, construction, and chemical industries. Due to the simple structure of the linear vibrating screen,it is also the first choice for the majority users to screen granular materials.

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