Application of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen in Spore Powder Production Process

Application of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen in Spore Powder Production Process

Spore powder is the seed released by the ejection of Ganoderma lucidum in the later stage of development. It is called basidiospore in biology, and it is powdered after being collected, and it is commonly called Ganoderma spore powder. Ultrasonic vibrating sieve powder machine has strong performance, easy to solve: the material has strong adsorption (easy to stick to the net), the material is easy to agglomerate, there is static electricity (easy to clump), the material is easy to absorb moisture (easy to block the net), the screening problem of light specific gravity , good performance.

Ultrasonic sieving machine can be applied to the screening and classification of ultra-fine materials, such as silicon carbide, electromagnetic powder, tungsten powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, quartz powder, lithium battery cathode material, anode material, laser powder, carbon powder, powder Screening of paint, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, malt powder, spore powder, etc.

The ultrasonic sieving machine is subjected to low-frequency vibration of the vibrating motor, and superimposed on the surface of the screen with ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, so that the large particles on the screen are suspended on the surface of the screen, avoiding the blockage of the mesh of the screen, the real meaning The above solves the technical problems of static electricity, easy agglomeration, strong adsorption, and blocking of the screen mesh that cannot be handled by ordinary vibrating screens. The processing capacity and output of materials that are usually difficult to screen and ultrafine materials have been significantly improved.

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