Four advantages of linear vibrating screen

Four advantages of linear vibrating screen

Low Cost

The mother net of the device fully supports the fine net, so the fine net can get a longer life, and reduce the use of consumables,if it is used for a long time, it can reduce many production costs; and the linear vibrating screen can replace a variety of screens, which has a long service life, reduces the replacement cycle, and reduces the production costs of users.

Easy to Operate

The screen structure design is adopted, which is convenient and quick to replace the screen, it only takes 3-5 minutes;and the sieve machine is reasonable in design, delicate and easy to assemble, one person can operate the sieve machine. Not only save time for customers, but also reduce labor.

High Yield

The linear vibrating screen uses vibration motor excitation as the vibration source, so that the material is thrown up on the screen and moves forward linearly,the materials enter the feed port of the screening machine evenly from the feeder, and produce several specifications of upper and lower sieve through the multi-layer screen, which are discharged from their respective outlets without clogging, and their output is higher.

High Screening Accuracy

The screen box of the linear vibrating screen is welded by several steel plates with different thicknesses. It has some strength and rigidity when processing materials. In addition, the screen is made of low carbon steel, brass, bronze, stainless steel wire, etc. It is composed of screens, so that the screening accuracy of the whole machine is greatly improved, and there is no dust pollution, which is conducive to environmental protection.

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