Chemical powder sieving machine shipped to Turkey

A Turkish manufacturer of chemical powder first sought a screening solution for the chemical powder industry. After listening to a friend’s introduction, Eversun Machinery is a professional manufacturer of screening and conveying equipment, so we came to consult our plan for a chemical powder sieving machine.

After understanding the situation of this customer, the engineer of Eversun based on the characteristics of his chemical powder, the size of the mesh required for the screening, the output and other factors. Recommend ultrasonic vibration screen and vacuum conveyor to customers.

(Customized ultrasonic sieving machine for any industry)

Ultrasonic sieving technology is a screening method suitable for fine materials, and it also belongs to a mesh cleaning system. The screen improves the separation process through high frequency vibration.

The ultrasonic vibrating screen is a sieving machine with high screening efficiency, which can ensure that the production quality of chemical powder is not subject to secondary agglomeration or the ultrasonic system can prevent the screen from blocking in the screening and improve the screening efficiency. In addition, customers are concerned that chemical powder is likely to leak during the screening process and pollute the workshop environment. We tell customers not to worry about this problem, because our ultrasonic sieving machine has good sealing performance and uses a vacuum conveyor to convey chemical powder. The entire chemical powder is conveyed in a vacuum to a vibrating screen and then sieved. The tightness of the conveying system is high and will not cause any powder leakage. And changing the screen is very convenient and fast.

Eversun machinery (Henan)Co,.Ltd was established in 2003, Eversun Machinery is a professional manufacturer of screening and conveying equipment, product quality system has been strictly certified by ISO9001:2005 and CE national standards.

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