How to improve the screening accuracy of fine powder coatings

 How to improve the screening accuracy of fine powder coatings

Many customers face many problems in the process of removing impurities and large particles, such as output, accuracy, and the quality of the screening equipment is not up to standard, so how to choose a suitable equipment to screen powder coatings?

Customers in Thailand have consulted our company before, saying that none of the vibrating screens they have used before can achieve the desired results. The characteristics of powder coatings are listed as follows:

  1. Material name: powder coating
  2. Specific gravity (bulk density): 1.1g/cm³
  3. Output: 400kg/h
  4. Screen aperture: 325 mesh
  5. Screening purpose: to remove larger particles smaller than 325 mesh to improve the accuracy of powder coatings

Other characteristics: the material is dry and non-sticky, at room temperature

Through specific communication, considering that the company’s powder coating meshes are relatively fine, the vibrating screen will be blocked, and many fine powders will be directly discharged from the upper discharge port if they are not sieved on the network. In this way, the yield rate will be very small, and the amount of finished products will naturally be very small. Therefore, we recommend using an ultrasonic sieving machine with a diameter of 1200mm.

The ultrasonic sieving machine can always suspend the ultra-fine powder on the surface of the mesh, effectively solving the phenomenon of network blocking and sticking, so that the fine powder with a mesh smaller than 325 mesh can be effectively screened. This company expressed satisfaction after using the vibrating screen of EVERSUN Machinery. It can not only improve the accuracy while not reducing the output, but still maintains cooperation.

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