What model is used for corn starch vibrating screen

 What model is used for corn starch vibrating screen

Corn starch is ground into powder from corn, which is a white and yellowish powder.Maize is processed into powder through various processes such as crushing, sieving, precipitation, drying, and grinding. Generally, corn starch contains a small amount of fat and protein.

There are some dust, organic and inorganic impurities in corn, which need to be cleaned up.The key to cleaning corn is to use vibrating screens and other equipment to screen and remove impurities. The key to vibrating screens is to clean up large, medium and small debris in corn.The first sieve surface uses round holes with a diameter of 17-20 mm, the second sieve surface has round holes with a diameter of 12-15 mm to remove large and medium impurities, and the third sieve surface uses round holes with a diameter of 2 mm to remove small impurities.Usually a linear screen can be used for this step of screening and removing impurities.

Corn needs to be sieved after being ground into starch. The sieving method can be used to separate the starch from the coarse and fine residue. The more commonly used vibrating screen is a tumbler screen.

The key components of the cornstarch tumbler screen are the screen frame, the grid frame, the cleaning device, the motor, the tension spring, and the bearing, which are also the key components in the installation process of the tumbler screen.The screen frame and mesh frame are used as components that directly touch the material. They are made of 304 stainless steel, and the thickness of the plate is 3mm±2. This way, the service life of the screen frame and the mesh frame can be guaranteed and the characteristics of the screened material are not disturbed.The key parts of the tumbler screen are motors, bearings, and tension springs. The motors can be ordinary motors or explosion-proof motors. Bearings can be made in China or imported. The tension springs need to be high-quality rubber springs. Customers should choose reasonably according to production requirements.

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