What are the advantages of the tumbler screen

What are the advantages of the tumbler screen

When the ordinary vibrating screen is screening materials, the shape of the materials is often irregular, which makes the screening results less than ideal. If a precise screening machine is used, although the effect is good, the investment cost for ordinary users is relatively large, which is not cost-effective. The tumbler screen is a screening machine with low investment and high efficiency. Today I will share with you some advantages of the tumbler screen.

The features of the tumbler screen and the trajectory of the material are different from the ordinary vibrating screen. Take the rotary vibrating screen, its principle is to use the vibration force generated by the vibration motor to make the material do three-dimensional movement on the screen surface, and the tumbler screen uses a motor to drag the belt, so that the screen body shakes in a circular track, so as to achieve the purpose of screening. This type of tumbler screen rarely has dust flying during screening, and the noise is low. If the seal is not good, there will be material leakage, large dust, and high noise.

In addition, compared with ordinary sieving machines, the screening accuracy of the tumbler screen is higher and the screening efficiency is better.Users who use vibrating screens know that the ordinary rotary vibrating screen frame is equipped with a bouncing ball. When the screen machine is running, the screen is hit to achieve the effect of cleaning the screen. However, for materials like flakes and cylinders, the common rotary screen is used. The effect of vibrating screen is not very good.In addition to the bouncing ball, there are many types of screen cleaning devices in the tumbler screen body. For example, a special brush is added to the screen surface. When the screen machine is working, the screen surface can be cleaned to effectively solve the  problem of mesh clogging.

The tumbler screen is a large-capacity, high-precision screening machine. For users who require high precision and low investment costs, the tumbler screen is a good choice.

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