How does the ceramsite sand gyratory sifter machine change the screen?

How does the ceramsite sand gyratory sifter machine change the screen?

Ceramsite sand is ceramic particles, and the finer ones are called sand, also known as petroleum fracturing proppant.Most of the appearance features are round or elliptical spheres, but some imitation crushed stone ceramsites are irregularly crushed.The appearance and color of ceramsite varies with the raw materials and processes used.The color of roasted ceramsite is mostly dark red, ocher red, and some special varieties are gray-yellow, gray-black, gray-white, blue-gray, etc. The particle size of ceramsite is generally 5-20mm, and the largest particle size is 25mm. Ceramsite is generally used to replace gravel and pebbles in concrete.

In the oil brick well industry, the accuracy of ceramsite sand is above 98%, which requires the use of a large-output and high-precision screening equipment-gyratory sifter machine.

Working principle of gyratory sifter machine

The basic rotary motion is similar to manual screening.The eccentricity is adjustable from 25 to 40mm, and the low-speed V-belt drive is adjustable from 120 to 360 rpm. The residence time of each product can be adjusted in the direction of the drive axis through the radial and cutting angle of the tumbler screener.Therefore, the horizontal and throwing three-dimensional tumbling movement is established.The material is evenly dispersed on the entire screen surface from the center to the outer edge, so as to propagate axially in a spiral motion.The fine particles thus complete the entire screening process.

How to replace the screen of the ceramsite sand gyratory sifter machine

After a long time use of the gyratory sifter machine, due to wear and tear, it will affect the screening efficiency. At this time, the screen should be replaced in time. When designing the gyratory sifter machine, taking into account the improvement of equipment maintenance efficiency and the humanization of the screen replacement process design, the screen replacement can be completed in a short time.

Replacement steps:

  1. Open the sieve plate of the gyratory sifter machinebox, check the broken sieve and pull out the sieve along the U-shaped card slot, with even force on both sides.
  2. Remove the broken screen on the screen frame, and lay a new screen on the screen frame. Pay attention to flat and tension the screen, and then fix the screen.
  3. The two people work evenly together, and re-feed the screen along the U-shaped slot into the screen box to check the installation status of the screen to prevent distortion.
  4. Assemble the sieve plate of the sieve box, pay attention to check the tightness, and test the machine.
    The above is the working principle of the ceramsite sand gyratory sifter machine and the way of replacing the screen.

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