What machine is used for ammonium salt screening

What machine is used for ammonium salt screening

Ammonium salt has strong bactericidal and anti-mold and moth-proof properties. Dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride can be used as a leveling agent for acrylic fibers. The two alkyl groups in the quaternary ammonium salt molecule are products of long-chain alkyl groups, which have a good softening effect on various fibers, can make the fiber swell and soft, the appearance is beautiful and smooth, and it has a good hand feeling. It is a commonly used fiber soft Agent. The current demand on the market is also great.

The ammonium salt separation process mainly includes the following processes, leaching process, acid precipitation separation process, neutralization process, flashing process and drying process. The dried ammonium salt must be removed Impurity and can be packaged after the sieving is loose. A sieving and impurity removal process is to ensure that impurities, agglomerations, and clumps are sieved out of the soybean protein powder to ensure the purity of the semi-finished ammonium salt raw material. If the output is large, such as more than 2 tons per hour, we recommend the use of a 1500 diameter vibrating screening machine. This equipment has a large material holding capacity, a large processing capacity, and a fast screen penetration. It can also be used for multiple mesh size.

Working principle of 1500mm vibrating screen: The 1500-diameter vibrating screening machine motor is used as the excitation source. The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with eccentric weights to convert the rotating motion of the motor into horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transfer this motion to the screen surface.

Vibrating sieving machine is widely used in the ammonium salt industry. According to the name of the material, it can also be called ammonium salt vibrating sieving machine.

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