The classification of the pulverizer

The pulverizer is a machine that pulverizes large size solid raw materials to the required size.The crusher is composed of coarse crusher, fine crusher, wind conveying device and so on. The purpose of the crusher is achieved in the form of high speed impact.Mainly used in mining, building materials and other industries.


the grinder

There are four kinds of external forces exerted on the solid in the process of crushing: compression rolling, shear, impact, rolling and grinding.Compression rolling is mainly used in coarse and medium crushing, suitable for the crushing of hard materials and large materials.Shearing is mainly used in coarse crushing (crushing) and crushing operations, suitable for toughness or fiber materials and large pieces of crushing or crushing operations;Impact is mainly used in crushing operations, suitable for crushing brittle materials.Rolling is mainly used in high fineness grinding (ultrafine grinding) operations, suitable for most of the properties of materials for ultrafine grinding operations.Grinding is mainly used for ultrafine grinding or super large grinding equipment, suitable for further grinding operations after grinding operations.

According to the required material fineness standard, the crusher can be divided into coarse crusher (below 120 mesh), grinder (120-300 mesh), ultra-fine crusher (above 300 mesh).

Coarse crusher is mainly used for crushing pretreatment operations in various industries. Its role is mainly to process materials with larger diameter (5-10cm) to granular materials with smaller diameter (5-10mm in diameter).


The pulverizer is mainly used for medium fineness pulverization in various industries. Its function is to process the granular materials to the medium fineness powder with the required diameter for subsequent treatment or as finished products.

Ultrafine crusher is mainly used for ultrafine crushing operation in most industries. It is to crush the materials after crushing operation again to reach the required material diameter. It is mainly used for raw materials processing of high-end products.