Factors affecting the shutdown of the tumbler screen

Factors affecting the shutdown of the tumbler screen

During the application of the tumbler screen, there may be a shutdown situation, Why is this?

The need for shut-down inspection of the tumbler screen starts from five aspects:strictly follow the footnote process to end the homework process,it is best not to change the pace at the end of the homework. Carefully sort out the debris in the cabin,prevent hidden dangers caused by debris.Keep the operating mode of the screen machine stationary,try not to get contaminated with dust.Do not put equipment that is not related to it on all sides of the screen.

The two major factors that affect the processing strength of the tumbler screen are the screen surface activity mode and the structure parameters of the screen surface are related to the looseness of the material layer on the screen and the speed target, frequency, etc. of the fine materials that need to pass through the screen relative to the screen surface. Therefore,the organization parameters of the sieve surface in the layering and sieving process may be divided into the influence of the size of the sieve surface and the size, form and opening rate of the sieve hole.

Under normal circumstances, the screen surface diameter determines the processing power of the sieve. The larger the screen surface, the greater the processing power; the screen surface size determines the screening efficiency of the screen. The larger the screen surface, the higher the efficiency. The larger the screen hole, the higher the processing power per unit screen area and the higher the screening efficiency.The size of the sieve hole depends on the screening objectives and requirements.For conventional sieving with a larger particle size, the sieve size is usually equal to the screening particle size; However, when the required sieve particle size is small, the sieve hole should be slightly larger than the sieve particle size; for approximate sieve, the sieve hole is much larger than the sieve particle size.

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