Classification and removal of metal silicon powder

Classification and removal of metal silicon powder

As the main raw material of refractory materials or single crystal silicon, metal silicon powder has a particle size distribution of 0.02mm-3.35mm. Because of its high temperature resistance, it is often used as a refractory material. In the process of producing metal silicon powder, we sometimes need to classify silicon powder according to market demand to separate the different particle sizes of silicon powder. So what vibrating screen do we need to use for the classification of silicon powder? We illustrate the situation with actual cases.

A company is producing and processing refractory materials, in which silicon powder needs to be classified and removed. The following is their company’s material information:

Material name: metal silicon powder

Proportion: 1.3

Screen aperture: 200 mesh

Processing capacity: 600kg/h

Screening purpose: to remove larger particles larger than 200 mesh

Based on the information provided above, we recommended him an ultrasonic vibrating screen with a diameter of 1200. The reason for recommending such a device is that it has the following advantages:

Ultrasonic sieving machine is modified from an ordinary rotary vibrating screen. The ultrasonic device converts electrical energy into 38KHZ high-frequency mechanical vibration. The screening accuracy can reach 95%, and the processing capacity is 2-5 times higher than that of ordinary vibrating screens. In addition, the ultrasonic device can effectively solve the phenomenon of metal silicon powder blocking the network. Considering the current strict environmental protection supervision, we will add a dust cover to the vibrating screen to avoid dust during the screening process. The mesh frame of the ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts reinforcing ribs to increase the strength of the mesh frame. The screen adopts an adhesive form. The tension is effective to prevent the material from accumulating due to the looseness of the screen, which causes the material to be unclean and directly discharged from the upper layer. Outlet; also avoid the screen tension is too high to cause the screen to be too easy to break. Reduce screen changes, improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

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