How to sift fine powder from charcoal

How to sift fine powder from charcoal

Charcoal is a dark brown or black porous solid fuel that is left over after incomplete combustion of wood or wooden raw materials or pyrolysis in the absence of air. Charcoal is an impure amorphous carbon that maintains the original structure of the wood and the residual tar in the pores. Charcoal was used in the smelting of bronzes in China’s Shang Dynasty and ironware in the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, and its hygroscopicity was used to observe climate change.So what sieving machine is used for sieving charcoal?

We need customers who use charcoal sieving machine, they want to use EVERSUN vibrating screen to get fine powder from charcoal. The customer expressed their requirements to our engineers.The output is required to be 30kg per hour, and the material size is 100 mesh. The engineer of EVESUN machinery recommended a vibro sifter machine with a diameter of 800mm to the customer.

The circular vibrating screen is a high-precision fine powder screening machine with low noise and high efficiency. It takes 3-5 minutes to quickly change the screen. It has a fully enclosed structure and is suitable for screening and filtering particles, powder, mucus and other materials. The vibro sifter machine uses a vertical motor as the excitation source. The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with eccentric weights to convert the rotating motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transfer this motion to the screen surface . Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower ends can change the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface.

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