Which type of vibrating screen is suitable for soybean removal

Which type of vibrating screen is suitable for soybean removal

As an edible product, soybeans need to be processed before being eaten. Therefore, they need to be peeled before production to remove impurities in the soybeans. This requires the use of a vibrating screen for impurity removal screening.

Which kind of vibrating screen is suitable for soybean cleaning?

According to the soybean particle size (0.5-1.5mm), material characteristics (smooth surface and non-sticky) and output requirements, it is recommended that you use a circular vibrating screen (circular in appearance, also called rotary vibrating screen) to remove impurities and pass. The constant vibration causes the skin impurities of soybeans smaller than the screen surface aperture to fall to the lower layer through the sieve holes to become under-sieving. The clean soybeans larger than the screen surface aperture are discharged from the discharge port after continuous jumping motion, thereby completing the treatment of soybeans. Fine removal of impurities.

So what are the advantages of using a circular vibrating screen?

  1. The mesh of the circular vibrating screen is appropriate

A variety of mesh options to meet soybean removal and screening

The screen mesh installed on the circular vibrating screen can be as fine as 500 mesh (0.028mm) and as thick as 7 mesh (2.8mm). The size of soybeans is generally 0.5-1.5mm, which is 35 meshes when converted to Between 13 meshes, when removing impurities from soybeans, the selected sieve should be smaller than 35 meshes, so as to prevent the soybeans from being discharged along with the impurities falling to the lower layer, and the circular vibrating screen can remove impurities from the soybeans.

  1. The output of the circular vibrating screen is appropriate

Different models meet different screening requirements

There are 7 standard models of circular vibrating screens, such as EXZS-400, EXZS-600, EXZS-800, EXZS-1000, EXZS-1200, EXZS-1500, EXZS-1800, etc., which can work continuously for 24 hours, every hour Soybean impurity removal sieve weight can reach 500KG-10T, so whether you want to complete a large output of about 10 tons or a small output of less than 500 kg, the circular vibrating screen can be completed according to your production needs.

  1. The material of the circular vibrating screen is suitable

Stainless steel material meets food hygiene standards

There are three original materials of the circular vibrating screen: stainless steel, carbon steel and plastic. Soybean is an edible product. When sieving, the part in contact with the material should be selected from stainless steel for sieving, so that the internal and external polishing can be processed. It meets the food hygiene standards, and the stainless steel material has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, non-rusting and non-contaminant materials, which can ensure the food safety of soybeans during the screening work.


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