How does stainless steel vibrating screen suppress dust spillage

How does stainless steel vibrating screen suppress dust spillage

When the stainless steel vibrating screen is sieving powder materials, there will be dust spillage, which will cause environmental pollution on site, so how to suppress the problem of dust spillover?

1.Prevent the accumulation of materials on the screen surface

If the stainless steel vibrating screen feeds too much material, it will cause a large amount of material to pile up on the screen surface, which is easy to cause dust spillage problems. Therefore, it is necessary to install a sealed connection above the feed port to reduce the probability of material exposure. A funnel-type feeder can also be installed.

  1. Prevent the seal from being damaged

During the screening process of the stainless steel vibrating screen, due to the strong vibration force generated on the screen machine, the material will be scattered during the screening process, so the seal between the screen frame and the screen must be strictly sealed and regularly checked for damage In order to achieve dust-free screening.

  1. Equipped with unloading bag or dust collector

When the stainless steel vibrating screen is used for screening, it can be equipped with an unloading bag or a dust collector. They can effectively solve the problem of dust spillage generated during the screening process, and the dust generated during the screening process can directly enter the unloading bag or Inside the air inlet box of the dust collector.

  1. Strengthen the management of dust removal equipment

It is necessary to check the airtightness of the dust hood regularly. If problems are found to be solved in time, the dust removal equipment must be regularly monitored to improve the use of the equipment, and to minimize the dust spillage caused by the stainless steel vibrating screen.

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