The Usage of Vibro Sifter Machine in Making Pellet feed

The Usage of Vibro Sifter Machine in Making Pellet feed

The vibro sifter machine is widely used in making pellet feed. In the processing of pellet feed, in order to increase the output of the pellet mill and reduce the energy consumption of pelleting, large-diameter die holes are often used for production and then the big pellets will be broken into small pellets.

After the pellets are broken, they need to be classified by vibro sifter machine to separate out the excessively fine powdery materials (unformed powder during granulation or powder generated during the crushing process) and excessively coarse particles (particles that have not been sufficiently broken). So that the particles in the finished product processing section will meet the requirements for pellet feed size.

(food grade vibro sifter machine)

Pellet feed is classified by using a two-layer vibro sifter machine. The materials on upper sieve surface is returned to the crusher, and materials on the lower sieve surface is returned to the granulator, and the finished product will be separated out via middle layer. So basically, the size of the mesh used in the vibro sifter machine directly affects the particle size of the finished product.

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