Application of iron powder sieving machine

Characteristics and application of iron powder sieving machine

This article mainly introduces some points of screening iron powder:

First of all, due to different production methods, iron powder is divided into reduced iron powder and atomized iron powder, According to the naming rules of vibrating screens.iron powder sieving machine can be called reduced iron powder sieving machine and atomized iron powder sieving machine. Respectively, Iron powder sieving machine is mainly used for screening and grading iron powder. Atomized iron powder vibrating screen is suitable for powder metallurgy material filtering and screening. For iron powder, it is divided into five levels: coarse powder, medium powder, fine powder, fine powder and ultrafine powder. It is generally used 80 mesh and 120 mesh. Filter through a 200 mesh screen.

The sieving machine is used for coarse screening of iron powder. It is recommended to choose a rotary vibrating screen. For high-precision classification, a high-mesh screen can be used, so that an ultrasonic vibration screen can be used to prevent network blocking.

Iron powder sieving machine is good in coarse screening. When sieving fine or micro iron powder, the screening accuracy will be low. It will often go through secondary screening. The production line is very unfavorable. At this time, many manufacturers are using our iron powder sieving machine. The vibration screening machine has high screening accuracy, does not block the screen and does not store materials, and increases screening efficiency.

The picture below is our ultrasonic vibrating screen with a diameter of 1200mm and a layer of 0.044mm, sent to a factory in Maryland, USA, which produces raw iron powder:

Iron powder sieving machine sent to the United States

Iron powder sieving machine sent to the United States.

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