How to extend the service life of V-type mixer

How to extend the service life of V-type mixer

V-type mixer series products are high-efficiency asymmetric mixers, which are suitable for mixing powder or granular materials in chemical, food, medicine, feed, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries.The sludge dryer has a reasonable structure, simple operation, airtight operation, convenient feeding and discharging. The cylinder (manual or vacuum feeding) is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean. It is one of the basic equipment of the enterprise.

Before using the V-type mixer, add oil to the place to be refueled, and then perform no-load operation to check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the electrical is normal, and whether the machinery is running normally. If there is any abnormality, refurbish and debug. Place the V-type mixer smoothly, install the machine feet, and level it so that the machine can run freely.Turn the feeding port to the top, open the feeding cover to feed, and the feeding amount should not exceed the specified volume, then close the feeding cover and start the machine to run. If an abnormality is found on the way, it must be shut down for inspection. The inside and outside of the hopper must be rinsed clean when changing varieties.

















Under the condition of working with materials, first open the feeding port of the mixer, and acknowledge whether the discharge port is closed or not, and put a regular amount of material into the v-shaped hopper according to the technical control requirements.At the end of the feeding, in order to avoid the material flowing out during mixing, the feeding port must be closed and locked.

Next is the time when the V-type mixer is working. Turn on the power button, turn the stop button to the left, activate the reverse button of the mixer, and adjust the motor speed to 600r/min for mixing within the rotational speed of the technical regulations.When the mixing material reaches the technical rules, stop by adjusting the motor speed button. When stopping, make the discharge port of the mixing machine face the ground, and adjust the adjustment motor speed button to 0. The v-type mixer will stop the button. Rotate to the right to block the power supply.

One end of the V-type mixer is equipped with a motor and a reducer. The power of the motor is transmitted to the reducer through a belt, and the reducer is transmitted to the V-shaped barrel through a coupling. The V-shaped barrels are operated in series, and the materials in the moving barrel are mixed up, down, left and right in the barrel.

The V-type mixer undergoes deceleration to organize the rotation of the rotating cylinder, and uses the asymmetry formed by the unequal length of the two cylinders of the mixer to mix. When the mixer moves, the material changes from differentiation to combination because of the difference in potential energy. A horizontal force pushes materials to communicate horizontally.

When the materials change from combination to differentiation, because the material planes are different, a horizontal force is generated and the materials are pushed to communicate horizontally.

The cylinder rotates once, so that about 25% of the material flows from one cylinder to another; when the cylinder rotates together, the material is moved radially, so that the material is divided horizontally and radially, and the combination replacement proceeds, following the cylinder Continuously rotating and changing the position, the material of the V-shaped cylinder is repeatedly dislocated, translated, dispersed, and then uniformly mixed.

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