Application of sieving machine in glass powder production process

Application of sieving machine in glass powder production process

Glass powder is a highly transparent powder that is easy to polish and scratch resistant. It has small particle size, good dispersibility, high transparency, and good anti-settling effect. After many surface improvements, it has good affinity and strong position. It can easily disperse in the paint and increase the fullness of the paint after film formation. The crystal transparent primers made can not only maintain the transparency of the varnish, but also provide good sandability.

The glass powder sieving machine has a high screening accuracy. You can adjust the phase angle of the weight block or increase or decrease the weight block to make the sieving machine produce different exciting forces and amplitudes, so as to change the movement trajectory of the material and make the material Sufficient vibrating screening is obtained on the screen surface to meet the screening requirements of different materials and achieve high screening accuracy and output. The adjustment of the amplitude can be divided into two aspects: horizontal and vertical. The amplitude of the amplitude directly affects the output of the screening. The increase of the horizontal amplitude makes the material on the screen move to the edge faster, and the increase of the vertical amplitude makes the material on the screen more beating. Adjust the amplitude of the amplitude by adjusting the sum of the weights of the upper and lower weights. The amplitude should not exceed a certain range, otherwise it will affect the service life of the sieving machine.

Advantages of glass powder sieving machine

1.Compared with the glass powder linear vibrating screen, the sieving machine has the advantage of high sieving accuracy in the sieving of glass powder and glass particles.
2.The sieving machine has an exquisite appearance, small footprint, light and convenient, easy to move back and forth.

3.The screening process is fully enclosed, the powder does not fly, does not leak, and improves the production environment.

4.It can be screened in multiple layers, up to 5 layers in height.

5.The discharging direction can be adjusted arbitrarily, and all the screening materials are automatically discharged, which is more suitable for the screening of large quantities of materials and is easy to configure the production line.

6.The gate design can be installed according to customer requirements, and the screening accuracy can be further improved according to needs.

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