The characteristics of the screening principle of starch sieve

The characteristics of the screening principle of starch sieve

The artificial design principle of starch sieve is a kind of screening machine specially designed to meet the needs of large-volume, high-precision screening.

The principle and characteristics of starch sieve screening:

  • The starch screen is equipped with an elastic ball net cleaning device. This net cleaning system uses a high-performance bouncing ball placed under the screen and above the ball board to irregularly hit the screen, and complete the net cleaning and anti-blocking by secondary resonance.
  • The screen machine runs stably, and both sides of the box body are equipped with quick-opening devices at the same time, which is convenient for cleaning the screen and materials.
  • The processing capacity is large, more than 30 t/h, the entire screen equipment has a good sealing effect and the screen has a long service life.
  • The vibration force generated by the driving device is an inertial force with regular changes in direction around a fixed axis. The eccentric wheel rotates around the fixed axis to form a reciprocating inertial force that causes the screen box to drive the screen surface to periodically shake,separate the on-screen material and under-screen material to complete the screening work.
  • Compared with general inertial vibrating screens, starch sieves have higher processing capacity and screening efficiency, which can control the movement trajectory and residence time of materials on the screen surface and increase the screening rate of materials.

Solution to the noise of starch sieve:

  1. On the premise of ensuring the normal production of users, increase the stiffness of the screen frame, reduce the vibration frequency, and reduce the generation of noise; a damping layer can also be coated on the screen frame steel plate to reduce vibration and noise;
  2. Although steel springs have good compression and load-bearing capacity, they will transmit high-frequency and medium-frequency vibrations during operation, thereby generating noise. Therefore, it is recommended to use composite springs to reduce noise generation;
  3. In the screening of granular materials, practice has proved that the noise level of the rubber cooking sieve is about 10 decibels lower than that of the metal sieve.
  4. When designing, under the premise of not affecting the life of the bearing, try to use a bearing with a smaller size and a higher degree of box;
  5. Use more rubber and plastic components. Since rubber and plastic components are good shock absorption and sound insulation materials, but rubber materials have internal resistance and generate high temperatures, manufacturers should consider adequate heat dissipation surfaces when designing.

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