Vacuum conveyor for conveying powder activated carbon

Vacuum conveyor for conveying powder activated carbon

Powder activated carbon is made of high-quality sawdust, coconut shell, and coal as raw materials and refined through a series of production processes. Powder activated carbon has the advantages of fast filtration speed, good adsorption performance, strong decolorization and deodorization ability, economical and durable, etc. The products are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, tap water, sugar, oil and other industries, in winemaking, sewage treatment, power plants, electroplating, etc. Field applications are also more common.So what equipment is used to convey powder activated carbon?

Our customers who need to transport powder activated carbon vacuum conveyor found EVERSUN machinery at the exhibition, and the customers expressed their requirements to our engineers. The output needs to reach 60 kg per hour. After detailed communication, the engineers of Eversun machinery finally recommended EVERSUN vacuum conveyor.

The vacuum feeder is a kind of vacuum conveying equipment using a vacuum generator as a vacuum source. Using this vacuum feeder, materials can be directly fed from the container to the mixer, silo, tablet press, packaging machine, vibrating screen, capsule filling machine and crusher. The equipment reduces the labor intensity of workers, eliminates dust pollution, and ensures that the production meets GMP requirements.

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