How to choose the model of linear vibrating screen

How to choose the model of linear vibrating screen

 How to choose the model of linear vibrating screen that suits you? This problem may have plagued many users of linear vibrating screen. Because the model selection is large, or the selection is small, it will cause unnecessary losses to the user

Accurate selection of linear vibrating screen needs to know the following aspects:

  1. Material name and characteristics

Determine the physical characteristics of the material. For example, the size of the material particles, the specific gravity of the material, whether it is sticky, and whether it is wet. The physical properties of the material will directly affect the screening effect. Eversun has summarized some of the more suitable models of materials based on experience, so you provide the name of the material to us for recommendation.

  1. Purpose of use

The purpose of using the equipment also has an important influence on the selection, such as screening or filtering? What is the level of the sieve?

  1. Processing capacity requirements

Different users have different requirements for material handling capacity in many cases. The handling capacity requirements of users are also an important reference for model selection. You can tell us your handling capacity(-kg/h) to get the recommended size

4. sieve aperture(mesh size)

The user’s requirements for the aperture of the screen are also one of the important references for the linear vibration screening type. The larger mesh size of the screen is not easy to pass the screen compared to the smaller mesh size.

  1. The proportion of materials to be screened

Accurately know the ratio of the coarse and fine materials, and you can judge the penetration rate of the materials.

Only when users understand the above basic requirements, can they calculate more accurately how much linear vibrating screen model and specifications are needed. The above content is also applicable to the selection of vibrating screening equipment such as rotary vibrating screen.


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