What vibrating screen equipment is used for spice screening

What vibrating screen equipment is used for spice screening

Today’s spices can be mechanized and mass-produced. This is also because the amount of spices used is increasing. Before the refined operation of the spices, the raw materials need to be screened, and the poor quality spices are screened out. Then proceed What machine is used for this step?

This step is usually carried out by a vibrating screen. According to the number of meshes and production output, choose which vibrating screen to use. Usually spices can be sieved with a rotary vibrating screen. The rotary vibrating screen is a relatively basic model of the vibrating screen and can be screened Powder, granule, liquid and other materials below 300 mesh, and there are many models, ranging from 400mm in diameter to 1500mm in diameter. The screening output of rotary vibrating screens of different diameters is also different, and the screening output of large diameter vibrating screens is certain The screening output is larger than that of a small diameter vibrating screen.

After the rotary vibrating screen is started, its power device, namely the eccentric masses with different phases at the upper and lower ends of the vibrating motor, generates a composite inertial force due to the high-speed placement effect. This inertial force makes the vibrating body of the screen machine rotate, and the screen frame is in the vibration force. Continuous reciprocating movement under the action of the ground, driving the screen surface to periodically vibrate, so that the material on the screen surface will move directional and enthusiastically along with the screen box. During this time, the material smaller than the screen surface aperture falls to the lower layer through the screen hole , Becomes the under-screen material, the material larger than the aperture of the screen surface is discharged from the discharge port after continuous jumping motion to complete the screening work.

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