The characteristics of fine sieving of pepper powder using ultrasonic sieving machine

The characteristics of fine sieving of pepper powder using ultrasonic sieving machine

The fine pepper powder is in powder form. In order to ensure the fineness of the pepper powder and the quality of the pepper powder,the EVERSUN vibrating screen can be used. So how does the ultrasonic sieving machine to sieve the pepper powder?

There are two types of fine pepper powder, white pepper powder and black pepper powder. White pepper powder is processed by peeling off the peeled seeds of mature fruits. The color is gray and white, the seeds are full, the smell is strong, and the quality is better; It is processed from mature and sun-dried fruits, the peel is wrinkled and black, and the smell is talkative. The sieving of pepper is usually an ultrasonic sieving machine. During the vibration of the pepper ultrasonic sieving machine, the screen can move left and right and vibrate up and down in the screen frame, which reduces the chance of wet viscous materials adhering to the mesh and makes it difficult to form hole blocking.

In the production process of pepper powder, a vibrating screen needs to be used to divide the pepper powder, which means that the pepper powder is divided into different meshes. Different meshes can be applied in different places. At the same time, it can also ensure the quality of the product and ensure the inside of the product. No impurities. The vibrating screen manufacturer recommends using an ultrasonic vibrating screen for pepper, which has a good screening effect and can effectively improve the working efficiency of the vibrating screen.

Features of fine pepper ultrasonic vibrating screen:
1. The screening accuracy can be increased by 1-70, and the output can be increased by 0.5-10 times.
2. Solve the screening problems of strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity, high precision, high density and light specific gravity.
3. Ensure that the characteristics of the processed materials remain unchanged.
4. It can be used in single-layer and multi-layer, a set of intelligent ultrasonic generator uses three transducers at the same time.
5. The vibrating screen has the self-cleaning function of the screen: screening greater than 500 meshes, no mesh clogging, no degradation of screening efficiency.
6. While achieving high-precision, high-mesh screening, control a narrower particle size range.

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