Application of circular vibrating screen in copper powder process

Application of circular vibrating screen in copper powder process

Copper powder is a very dense and usually spherical metal powder used in the electronics industry due to its electrical conductivity. Sieving copper powder is a process that requires close monitoring of the sieve holes and the internal height of the machine. Because the fine metal powder adheres and blocks the screen, this traditional screening machine cannot obtain the required product quality, resulting in low flow rate and unstable product quality, as well as damage to the screen.

Our customers who screen copper powder often need to disassemble the machine and clean the blind screen, and will waste agglomerated powder, or need to screen again. In the end, the company sought a screening solution to help obtain the required product quality and reduce product losses.

EVERSUN machinery proposed a 1200mm circular vibrating screen with an ultrasonic system as a solution to meet its requirements. So we tested the material sent by the customer to help the customer solve the problem of network blocking, and the customer also consulted our vacuum conveyor.

Ultrasonic sieving machine is a multifunctional high-performance vibrating screen that can screen various metal powders. EVERSUN machinery also designs and manufactures industrial separation and filtration solutions for various industries such as metallurgy, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and coatings.

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