Where is the dust-free feeding station suitable for use

Where is the dust-free feeding station suitable for use

The dust-free feeding station is suitable for the unpacking, feeding, screening and unloading of large, medium and small bags of materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, battery materials and other industries.When unpacking, due to the function of the dust collecting fan, the material dust can be prevented from flying everywhere. When the material is unpacked and poured into the next process, it only needs to be manually unpacked and put into the system directly. The material passes through the vibrating screen, which can intercept large pieces of material and foreign matter, so as to ensure that the particles that meet the requirements are discharged.It consists of a feeding platform, unloading bin, dust removal system, hopper/vibrating screen and other components.

The dust-free feeding station system is suitable for the feeding, screening and unloading of small bags in plastics, rubber, food, medicine, new energy lithium battery, chemical industry, food and other industries. It is especially suitable for feeding and screening of materials with poor fluidity.

The equipment can be applied to a variety of production processes. It can be used as a single powder feeding and unloading device, and it can also be used as an important powder unloading in a powder conveying system such as one-point multi-feeding and multi-point feeding.

Features of dust-free feeding station:

  1. The equipment has a dust removal function to prevent dust from flying during the bag feeding process and reduce material loss;
  2. A vibrating screen can be installed to effectively remove foreign matter in the material;
  3. The equipment adopts intelligent control, with high degree of automation and easy operation;
  4. No dead angle design inside the equipment, easy to disassemble and clean;
  5. Equipment design meets GMP requirements

It is recommended to match with a vacuum feeder to realize environmentally friendly feeding.

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